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You may also promote VGSW activities by doing any of the following:

  • Making financial donations to support our community outreach activities. 
  • Facilitating our service delivery, by donating office equipment. 
  • Facilitating transport for our activities, by donating either used four-wheel drive vehicles or motorbikes to be used by our field staff and volunteers.

Conflict in Cameroon has forced 160,000 people out of their homes into the bush and a further 26,000 to cross into Nigeria as they flee regions “stalked by fear and death”. Whether a person speaks English or French has become a reason to kill.

26,000 160,000 95
Refugees in Nigeria Displaced in Cameroon Percent of refugees have only 3 days of food left


Please support our appeal for urgent aid.rt our appeal aid.




You may equally promote VGSW programmers by engaging in any of the following:

Establishing networks/exchanges between VGSW and your organization, for sharing of skills and experiences. You may also like to visit and see the work of VGSW by meeting with all of our cheerful beneficiaries and communities. Your presence will bring them encouragement, love and compassion, and enable them participate actively in the development of their communities.